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Welcome to, photos & blog by Melinda Herndon.

Okay this section will be my daily life, random thoughts and some ideas about parenting. One thing that is for sure, is there will be no order to this section.

5 thoughts on “Kids, daily life, random thoughts

  1. Hi Mel. How are you??? I hope everything is going well in beautiful SoCal. San Fran is nice but I really miss the weather and the beach!!!

    Drop me a note and let me know how you’re all doing.

  2. Hi Ashley and welcome to the wonderful world of parenting. You have such an adorable puppy. How cool to have a kid with a name that is taller than he is. What fun you three will have.

  3. Okay do you have a kid that is heading back to school? I have a great tip for you. Get the isbn #’s from each of their textbooks and go to to order a duplicate set of ratty old, torn up text books. This will cost less than $100 and you will make sure that there is no forgotten homework assignment and that you can work with them on subject matters that are difficult for them. The best part is that at the end of the school year, you can sell them back on so your net cost is really, really low and besides the fact that you save your kids’s posture, you get a heap of other benefits in terms of being linked into their academic success.

  4. Get your kids involved in martial arts and debate if at all possible. These two
    activities will help to raise a confident kid. my daughter just finished a debate tournament this weekend and I couldn’t believe that at the end of a 9 hour long, gruelling day of many debates that she was still loving it.

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