3 thoughts on “Notes about some great New Years Eve Trips

  1. So, I want to try to make some notes about a few trips. Leave comments of your own. Thanks.

  2. New Years in Chicago can be a great family adventure. You have two sets of fireworks show from the Pier. One around 7:30pm and one at midnight.

    We saw the three musketeers play at http://www.chicagoshakes.com in beween the fireworks. Also caught a “cheeseburger-no coke, pepsi” at the Billy Goat Tavern which is also on the pier. You know, the place that John Belushi used to parody on SNL in the olden days? It really exists.

    Lots more to do at the pier, too but don’t forget about the Sears Tower and walking along waterfront and seeing the hundreds of fat geese on the lawns near the museum and aquarium.

    If you enjoy shopping, it is hard to beat Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Plan to take a young daughter to see a play and have tea at American Girl.

    For a great view of the city, don’t miss getting a hot chocolate or great meal at http://www.signatureroom.com in the John Hancock building.

    Gourmets, do not miss a dinner at Alinea. You’ll want a babysitter this night, though. Extremely expensive, inventive flavor combinations and brand new things to put in your mouth that create completely new taste experiences.

    Okay there is more here but I will add in a separate post.

  3. Okay I am back in Chi-Town on business and still having a blast here. This is the coolest town of all, not counting a town on the sea.
    So, day one brought the Navy Pier and a boat ride on sea dog cruises: http://www.seadogcruises.com
    It was silly and fun. Nice but shallow overview of the town from the point of view of lake michigan. I recommend it.


    I walked back from the Convention Center today (www.mccormickplace.com)to my hotel off http://www.themagnificentmile.com and it was pretty neat to get to see all of the geese and goslings along the way. it is about 4 miles by walking or bike and probably takes the same amount of time as a taxi. It is definitely loads more fun. If you have time, visit http://www.sheddaquarium.org because it is on the way and has some really cool exhibits. I am an avid diver and inactive scuba diving instructor. I run scuba.com(http://www.scuba.com) so when I tell you that shedd aquarium is worth visiting…take it to the bank.

    So, right now I am going to rent a bike from http://www.bikechicago.com before it starts raining again…okay, I did get a little wet on the walk. These guys are really cool because I have rented bikes in other towns and you may or may not get a helmet and bike lock. These guys have great bikes and plent of both. Also, they have a cool map that shows all of the bike paths in Chicago (and there are plenty! Love this town) and it is Free of Charge as of this writing. Also, you can do one way rentals since they have 5 locations.

    So, last night when I arrived, I got to see BB King in concert at Grant Park. It was a treat. it reminded me of two things. A CITY is the thing. I mean your choices are so grand when you are in a city. the second thing is this: I want to be as vital at 82 as the “king” is. I mean, really. How cool is it that he soothes the nation with his cool flavors of R&B at the age of 82.

    There was more stuff but it will have to wait because I only have a couple of hours left of intermittant sun.

    Thank you for reading and never forget that there is only one YOU in the world.

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