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Cabo Azul Report

James and melinda herndon at cabo azul in Los Cabos, Mexico
James and melinda herndon at cabo azul in Los Cabos, Mexico

This report is for Steve and Shirley or anyone interested in learning more about Cabo Azul. Steve and Shirley are our fabulous friends who joined us for a charity auction where we both bought these packages to visit Cabo Azul Resort in Los Cabos, Mexico.

The resort is gorgeous. Rooms are perfect. U will want to rush home and redecorate. Elegant and romantic touches everywhere. Try to request an ocean view. They are very accomodating.

I am going to give you a couple of tips that I wish we’d had before we set out.

The resort arranges ground transportation coming, but not going. See if the driver will take the toll road if u agree to pay the extra 3 or 4 bucks. It is worth it to see Cabo untouched.

The boys will have a fine and dandy time and you can kick them out of the room often for grown up time and feel fine doing it. The boys can play on the beach. Calm with occasional 2-3 foot sets. Good shore break. They can use the internet cafe that is on campus. They can rent jet skis or swim in the pools. Oh, speaking of pools, there are three. The top one gets heated and feeds the heat to the second (less warm) and third (freezing). More kids are at the top though so it may be worth it to brave the cold and have more privacy. Lots of jacuzzis. Mariachi singers come out around 4:00pm and do a muy romantico job of setting the tone.

Food is to die for. It is Javiers, like on the newport coast. Everything is fresh, healthy, brilliant. There is also a great and well stocked grocery store so you can easily make meals in the well outfitted kitchen.

Oh, I should mention, when u get there, they will try to do the time share thing. Just say u r not interested in free stuff and they will respect your wishes.

Oh, towel trick. Same one as for everywhere with card towels. Just trade them in at the beginning of the trip and bring them home each day to the room. Trade for fresh in the a.m. Lose a towel and pay $50.

Okay, I am off for the pain of the season’s first triathlon and looking forward to seeing you guys in the very near future. Are you up for bid of excitement this year? Did they send u tickets or should I get some for u?


Time for pain

melinda herndon and tri divas in san diego
melinda herndon and tri divas in san diego
So, here we are in 2009. My last triathlon of the 2008 season was on a blisteringly cold day near the end of October and since that time, I have been a gym irregular and have done no training. That said, I have my first event of the new year coming up in just two short weeks; so, if you hear about some old lady dropping dead in the middle of a tri, well, look no further than here to know for whom the bell tolls.

Here is a photo of a fun group of girls that I trained with last year which was headed up by the brilliant, talented, optimistic and highly motivating Martha Szufnarowski who is assuming the queen “B” diva position complete with crown and scepter, front row center.

I really like this photo because it is at the beginning of the event. The finish line ones are just awful. I am second from left in the back row.