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Summer Solstice in Corona del Mar

Dad's Day adventures in Corona del Mar

Dad’s Day adventures in Corona del Mar Freshly back from Boston and so glad to be home.  had some egrets drinking from the pool on this golden Father’s Day.  What a fine weekend with family and now I know the secret to the perfect Father’s Day.  Yes, I am amazingly dim for my ripe old age beacause everyone else already knows this: prepare gobs and gobs of barbecued dead meat and the man will love his family 4ever.  Atop that, Lauren chauffered Dad out for  spin to Seal Buoy. We actually started the day with a broccoli fest for my very healthy grandpa “B”  Broccoli pesto and pasta, Broccoli wraps, salad, stir fry…so we ended up eating our veggies first on this very fine day.Here is hoping that each of you had a fantastic day with your families.Egrets at Pool in Corona del Mar