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Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2009 Recession Recap

Boy, this sure reminds me of the last year of comdex 2003. Do any of u technosaurs remember having to dodge the 125mph tshirt launches and tripping over the models who adorned vendor booths in the early years of Comdex? By contrast, I had to leave my drivers license to borrow a pen in 2003.

And so it goes for SES. No Danny Sullivan. No Google Dance. Few attendees. The workshops are still good and access to programmers is fair, but this is not the same show.

Google had a 12 year old giving the keynote speech today. he stumbled over his facts and figures and in the end, it was not much more than an infomercial. I remember by contrast, the fireplace chats with Danny Sullivan and Sergey Brin and chatting with them and many other legends freely on the showroom floors.

Okay, my rant is over. I suppose Nothing gold can stay.