Why I love Newport Beach and Corona del Mar



Okay, so it is true that this is an exceptional weekend. One of my very favorites. It opens with the Newport to Ensenada Sail Boat Race, sponsored by The Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. This is an absolutely fun time for everyone 21 years and above. Come to hear classic stories from vetran sailors, come for the coronas or come to get offered a last minute spot as a deck hand.

Then, we must not forget the opening night for the newport beach film fest. A really good, albeit quirky movie, is chosen to launch the event and you will listen to some much deserved words of recognition for the event founders/sponsors. The director and cast do a q and a and after the film, there is a nice party with lots of restaurants and distilleries contributing their bit.

Now is the tough time, though. With 350 films to see and only a week to see them in, there are compromises to be made. Who looks forward to a digital world where these special films can be shared after the film fests?

Okay, the family is almost back so I have to sign off and make the plan for the evening’s events.

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  1. Here is a note to my friend regarding his recent stay on Balboa that may be useful to others:

    You are staying on balboa island, which is central and cute but boring. Here are some links of things to do on the island http://www.balboa-island.com/

    The good thing about Balboa is how close you are to so many things. I recommend taking your bikes on the ferry to the balboa peninsula.

    Those brown tickets are for riding the ferris wheel at the fun zone. Look out for sea lions in the harbor.

    Then, cross from the harbor side to the ocean side of balboa peninsula-just two blocks

    Go out and eat breakfast at Rubys Diner at the end of the balboa pier every morning and I guarantee you will see dolphins if you as to sit on the roof. I gave you a gc for Ruby’s so you can get breakfasts there.

    Now ride your bikes all the way south to the Wedge and watch the crazy waves this weekend and crazier surfers.

    Now ride your bikes to the north and go see a movie at the 1930’s historic Lido Theater. 949-673-8350

    There are tons of great restaurants in Lido. I like http://www.TheCannery.com

    Visit the sushi bar upstairs or dine on the patio.

    Then, one day you can take the balboa bridge off the other side of the island to connect to the mainland. The street you are on becomes Jamboree. You can ride your bikes up Jamboree to coast highway, go right. Now, if you go straight, once you past MacArthur, you will be in Corona del mar, which I prejudicially love since it is home. Tons of restaurants, shops, stuff to do.

    You can visit Sherman Library and garden and even eat there at Café jardin. As just one example. It is a mans gift to his beloved wife. A gorgeous garden kept lovely forever. http://www.slgardens.org/events/default.asp

    Go further, to Marguerite, and make a right down to Ocean Bl. To your right you will see the entrance to Big corona, to the left (more romantic) little corona (head down the hill at poppy and Ocean)

    These are two real nice beaches.

    If you want to, you can go to Fashion Island that has everything and is really fun for people watching and lots of movies at either the Edwards Island or Edwards Big Newport, which are there.

    Once you turn from Jamboree to Coast Highway, just make a left on Newport Center Drive and you will be there.

    There is a ton more to tell, Richard, but you are not there long enough to do more.

    Oh, also, it is a good idea from Balboa peninsula/fun zone, to go out on one of those cute little boats to sea lion buoy. It is cheap and fun. http://www.funzoneboats.com/

    Or, get ambitions and rent a duffy from the fun zone. You can stop it at any public dock (that will have blue and white stripes).

    Or, you can go for fun segway tour from the balboa peninsula

    Oh, I was thinking that there is this dive bar near fun zone. Class of ’47. I bet you could call and ask to pay to put happy birthday up there for your girlfriend? Never hurts to ask. http://classof47.com/
    Have a blast.

  2. Hi Melinda. I hope you’re doing well! Drop me an email. I wanted to catch up w/ you but didn’t have your email address.

  3. Hello my sweet girl,
    It was so great to see you and Ed and Little George yesterday. What a gorgeous baby u2 made. I want a longer visit SOON. Will send a catch up email now.

  4. 4th of July in Newport Beach and Corona del Mar

    So here is the deal. There is a cool boat parade that tours the newport harbor. We cheat by decorating our boat and jumping in as it passes the house.

    This year, our favorite tugboat sank at the end of the parade. More gruesome details about this and the Newport Dunes 50th anniversary of fireworks to follow.

  5. Happy Hour Experiment in Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar

    Okay, so the kid is gone for the week at camp so we have decided to try out all of the local happy hours; none of which we have been to before because if the sun is shining, there is clearly work to be done. Here is the result of our crawl to date:

    The Bungalow Restaurant http://thebungalowrestaurant.com on Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar was buzzing and packed. There was a real age range mix. Anywhere from 30-60, I would say. Not a seat to be had. Fantastic Martinis and brilliantly prepared appetizers at a reduced price. The only problem is the dark, indoor setting which is hard to take on a beautiful summer day. It would be hard to beat this place though in terms of food quality and drink selection. Vist 4pm to 6pm Sunday through Thursday.

    Next up was Rothschilds http://www.rothschildsrestaurant.com on Coast Highway in Corona del Mar. Now, I really, really love their quirky menu and have enjoyed dining here in the past to be sure. That said, the “Happy Hour” was a bit sad. The place was empty. The drink selection was stark. There were supposed to be ongoing appetizers circulating but after waiting 20 minutes for a taste of anything…we left. Visit for a nice dinner some night when it is raining and you don’t care about dining indoors. I would recommend that you pass on the happy hour. Mon-Fri 4:00pm-6:00pm

    Okay, we are on day, two now. the cool thing is that if you can plan to walk to these places, they are easy walking distance from each other. It is around a mile to get from the farthest two points.

    A++++ goes to Tommy Bahamas http://www.tommybahama.com/TBG/StoresAndCafes.jsp
    located in the Corona Del Mar Plaza at Coast and MacArthur. They offer a very large selection of drinks on their happy hour menu. For example, there are three different preparations for mojitos. In addition, they have a small portion appertizer menu of lovely, exotic items. My favorite is the halibut cevice with mellon balls. Absolutely delicious. What says summer better than a mojito and small, gourmet fish tacos? So, you get the ambience for free. They just remodeled and now the whole side of the restaurant opens up so you get more of an open feeling than the normal happy hour bar environment can provide. Okay, throw in the soft background sound of live steel drums and an absolutely gorgeous and friendly crowd and what could be better?

    Onto the Port Restaurant. http://www.portcdm.com in Corona del Mar. The Port has a great space for a happy hour. Very bright and interesting interior space and a lovely courtyard. The bartenders look like they have stepped off the pages of Vogue and the crowd is varied.

    They have healthy snacks set up and most of their normal drink menu is priced at half. So, if you have specific tastes in your adult libations and want to sit outside to enjoy them, this will be a good choice for you.

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