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The best week of the year in Newport Beach

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The most fun week of the year in beautiful Newport Beach is underway with the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race #N2E underway and the Newport Beach Film Festival #NBFF on its tails. Both events generally start on the last Thursday in April and the film fest wraps up the following Thursday. Enjoy 300+ well told stories on a variety of topics. All well crafted personal stuff that is hard to see in cinemas. Lots of after parties and special events also take place. Just another reason to love Newport Beach.

Newport Beach/CDM travel ideas

Why I love Newport Beach and Corona del Mar

Okay, so it is true that this is an exceptional weekend. One of my very favorites. It opens with the Newport to Ensenada Sail Boat Race, sponsored by The Bahia Corinthian Yacht Club. This is an absolutely fun time for everyone 21 years and above. Come to hear classic stories from vetran sailors, come for the coronas or come to get offered a last minute spot as a deck hand.

Then, we must not forget the opening night for the newport beach film fest. A really good, albeit quirky movie, is chosen to launch the event and you will listen to some much deserved words of recognition for the event founders/sponsors. The director and cast do a q and a and after the film, there is a nice party with lots of restaurants and distilleries contributing their bit.

Now is the tough time, though. With 350 films to see and only a week to see them in, there are compromises to be made. Who looks forward to a digital world where these special films can be shared after the film fests?

Okay, the family is almost back so I have to sign off and make the plan for the evening’s events.